Something weird happened on the way to heaven


I am not religious.
You will not catch me fasting
or lighting candles in church

at least not that often.
Because I can’t help but thinking of those
who landed bloodied on the floors

in order to wage religious wars
and it’s not the privileged rich no
it is the poor

falling bloodied on the floors
dying in their – our? – religious wars.
Are these acts of God.

What is an act of God.
What determines it.
Who is he.

Who is the guy that did it.
Tell that guy I wanna see him.
So I can kiss him

on both cheeks
on all cheeks
how ever many cheeks he has

I’ll kiss them all.
Because I am a fan of God.
The God who exists in my mind

of course, because we each have
fashioned him
or killed him.

Can’t kill him
can’t look away.
How do you do it?

Soul swan.
Swan lake.
White within white,

within light,
within sight.
Don’t feed him any crumbs

but follow him.
And you will forge
a playful relationship with him

when he appears when you have forgotten him
to forgive you when you’ve forsaken him
to love you when you have forgotten to love.

To each of us our own earlobe of God.
Tongue of God.
Word of God.

To each of us the weapon
with which to default the grater
of life

that won’t rest
until we are the lowest
possible version of ourselves.

Not with God.
your God.


The Optimist

I need you to be happy.
You are my darling.
Your happiness means the world to me.

What have they done to you?
Those wounded romantics
with their harsh words.

You got reprimanded once
and you stopped moving.
Who cares

don’t care.
Your heart has rarely been

How could they?
Just because they are human
it doesn’t mean they are humane,

That was a bit lame,
but I hope you know what I mean.
I am not perfect

but I can love you
because loving you
will encourage you

and build your confidence
and your happiness will turn these skies

just because you were shown care.
That is all it takes.
Spread the love

like a virus
and we will get taller
and we will heal the world.